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Brain Tricks – This Is How Your Brain Works

You may not realize it but your brain actually processes information in two very distinct ways. Like when you look at this photo, you instantly know she has blond hair, is visibly angry, and likely has some choice words to yell. Without any effort you experience fast thinking, but if you look at the following…

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Wizard Show: 3pisod3 Thr33

Master I’d like to ask you a few questions About being human What are you talking about. You’re also human But I dont look like any human I’ve ever seen. and I dont even pee! Master, how often do you pee? I urinate twice a week. Any more than that and I call a doctor…

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Wolf family | Wolfoo Pretend Play Firefighter, Doctor, Rescuer with Magic Wheel

Welcome to Wolfoo and Friends – Official Channel Enjoy watching this new episode :)) Thank you for your coming! Please like, share and subscribe for more Wolfooooo!

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Wizard of Oz (Lil’ Buddies 2)

Hey man, hey, I just had a really upsetting thought… Whaaaaat. What is the thought? Ok, so you know like, The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I know *like* The Wizard of Oz. Ok, but no! So like… if… What if… so… *sigh* Like…right at the beginning of Wizard of Oz. Out in the real world….

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🏆HAALAND HAT-TRICK! MASON MOUNT ATTACKED!🏆 Roy Keane Show Champions League Special!

Welcome back to the Roy Keane show! So Francis, my new favourite player… …what the feck were you thinking snapping that weak-boned langer’s ankle? *phone rings* Hold on a second… Hello? Hello Roy… Who’s this?! I don’t know who you are… I don’t know what you want… If you’re looking for a good manager… …then…

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Future Camera – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Patlu just wait and see in this saplings beautiful flowers will blossom. Yes flowers will blossom, everywhere there will be greenery. Every human beings should put saplings and grow trees. There is something over here, let me see. Whats in this? Let me see. This is a camera, looks like a brand new one. This…

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Markandeya | Great Indian Epic Stories for Kids | + More Fairy Tales and Moral Stories in MagicBox

Once upon a time, there lived a sage called Mrikandu with his wife Marudavati. They were childless for a long time. Mrikandu performed intense tapas in order to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, in all his splendor Appeared before him. I am pleased by your devotion. Ask from me any boon you desire. Oh Lord….

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Motu and Patlu have made my life miserable, but now I have a thunderous idea coming in my devilish mind. Motu Patlu will have no friends anymore, every friend will turn into an enemy. And then they would be thrown out of Furfuri town. But boss, every time we get thrown away, because of your…

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Animators Corner 3 – THE ILLUSION OF LIFE by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas

Today I want to show you another Animation Bible a book that you really must have if you want to became part of this world and if you are an animation fan! “The Illusion of Life” This incredible book was published in 1981 and written by two legends of animation Olli Johnsons and Frank Thomas…

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Sherwood – Ep 10 ”Robin Rises”

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