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4-2! 👊RONALDO is HAT-TRICK HERO👊 Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich (Parody Goals Highlights 2017)

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🏆HAALAND HAT-TRICK! MASON MOUNT ATTACKED!🏆 Roy Keane Show Champions League Special!

Welcome back to the Roy Keane show! So Francis, my new favourite player… …what the feck were you thinking snapping that weak-boned langer’s ankle? *phone rings* Hold on a second… Hello? Hello Roy… Who’s this?! I don’t know who you are… I don’t know what you want… If you’re looking for a good manager… …then…

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ALL GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019

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Never Seen Before: IMPOSSIBLE Magic Tricks on America’s Got Talent (Britain’s Got Talent parody)

I’m ugly short and weird welcome what’s your name yo my name is Lukas DiSparrow you know I’m also known as hucas pucas Lukas how old are you? oh well I’m like 67 you know what what are you gonna be doing for us today ? magic what made you come to America’s Got Talent?…

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