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Clash-A-Rama: Clashmas Special (Clash of Clans)

’Twas the night before Clashmas, and all through the square, troops gave out presents, wrapped and carefully prepared. This is for you. Don’t open it until Clashmas morning, okay? Oh, I didn’t know we were exchanging gifts. I totally got you something too! Close your eyes and I’ll get it. You’ll love it. Great! I…

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“Magic Christmas Castle” | Leni’s Christmas – Part Three | Fun Cartoon For Kids

Wheee—! (Giggle) Ugh! Derek: What’s that?! Leni: It must be the door to the Magic Christmas Castle…! Wow—! Leni: I heard the door only opens once a year on Christmas Eve. And we found it! Let’s go! Leni: Here I go! (Whoa—!) Derek: My turn! (Whee—!) Becky: Here I go! (Whoa—!) (Whoa—! Whee—!) Hello. My…

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