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FAIRY GODMOTHER’S MAGIC ART CLASS. Elsa Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora live the art.

Later in this video… Bippity Boppity boo! Oh my gosh! How did they get stuck in a painting? Are you guys ready for my favorite class of the day? It’s art class time. Look what I’ve been working on. Rapunzel, you’re such a good artist. You always know how to draw a crowd. That’s hilarious,…

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The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story

Did you know that in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ she didn’t actually kiss the frog? Well of course she did! It turned into a prince after she threw it against a wall! Seriously? According to Brothers Grimm. Some of these old fairy tales, they’re not what we think they are. Well, I like the…

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Disney On Ice Brings You Closer to the Disney Magic Than Ever Before!

imagine a Disney On Ice experience where you’re closer to the magic than ever before. follow the clues to help your favorite Disney friends unlock an epic journey. make lasting memories with your family and discover the magic begins with you! at Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party

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The Five Types of Disney Magic Objects

“This mirror will show you anything, anything you wish to see.” Disney movie plots so often revolve around an iconic enchanted object. At first glance, this magic object might just seem like a plot device or a gimmick. But if we look closer, we start to spot some very interesting patterns among these Disney objects….

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Disney Princess Pool Party

[RINGTONE] Hi. Hey, guys. Sorry Mulan couldn’t make it. She said that she had to get down to business to defeat on Huns. Ariel, why aren’t you wearing any seashells? Oh, I didn’t get the chance to go get D shells. The seashells were too small. I see Aurora already passed out. What are you…

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