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Magic Tutorial – BLIND

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Win FREE Magic || Franz Harary MEGA MAGIC 360 Ep. 2 Sub Explosion

Alright here we are doing actually a show This is the ending of all the submarine and the girls have just vanished. There they go and They reappear in the audience. This is one of those times when 360 is pretty friggin cool So here you can take a look at rehearsal it’s the same…

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Top 10 Magic Trick Decks | Interview With Magician Nathan Kranzo

Hello everybody today I am joined by the extremely talented Nathan Kranz Oh Nathan Kranz Oh has wore many hats at penguin magic he has released several products. He has lectured several times and He has hosted a few of our penguin live lectures he is the brains behind penguin magic monthly and One of…

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Magic Tutorial – The best Torn and Restored Card Trick EVER – RIP

(dramatic music) – [Daniel Madison] The nine of clubs is torn into four pieces. Those four pieces are placed directly into the the participant’s hand. Before the participant has even covered those pieces, the playing card is completely restored. I am Daniel Madison. This is RIP. (dramatic music) Yes I can repeat myself. I would…

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Scotch & Soda Magic Trick

Hello and welcome to Magic monday if you have not subscribed yet please do so also remember to give this video a big thumbs up and now sit back relax and enjoy the video Thanks for watching today Magic Monday video if you have a trick that you see and remember always be you

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Close up magician, magic circle magicians from nicpicot.co.uk

great acts

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Magicians Chat about Creativity | Ed Sumner Magic

Ed – See I find a lot of the routines that I do I can workshop them with you or I can workshop them myself or with other magicians on the internet as well over skype And I get so far, but when I go out and perform it I then throw it all away…

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Magic Tutorial – DELUSION Card Switch

(menacing music) (speaking in reverse) – I am Daniel Madison, and this is Delusion. (distorted voices echoing) (screen glitches) (chill music) (heavy trap music) I am Daniel Madison and this is Delusion. You take the nine of clubs, you show the nine of clubs before placing it facedown on your open hand. Then when you…

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Magic Tutorial – Mad Sandwich Load

(soft music) – A playing card is freely selected from the deck and signed by the participant. The magician removes the two red aces from the deck. He then loses the signed playing card into the deck of playing cards before shuffling them. The playing cards are placed aside and the two red aces are…

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Chapslick Magic Kit | 10 Magic Tricks with Chap Stick/Lip Balm

Hey guys, I’m Dan Hawes I’m here to tell you about a little thing called chap slip What chaps like is is a brand new collection for performing a magic With an everyday object. Will you buy chaps like you’re gonna receive 10 original custom-made? durable waterproof Gimmicks and practice tubes so you can get…

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