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The Coffee Wizard

Narrator: This coffee shop is open and its coffee is superb, but Soo Zee is hesitant to go inside because this this is where the coffee wizard lives. His workshop is filled with dusty tomes of witchcraft, complex formulas for his magic, and a variety of insturments only he knows how to use. The coffee…

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Advent Calendar – Day 4 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody! Welcome to Advent Calendar Day 4. Lets just get started! Today I’m wearing that pile of Seiko parts that I had modded a few weeks back. It turned out really nice with this luminescent wave pattern on the dial! You’ll see it when I do the full review after the…

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Advent Calendar – Day 3 – Vintage VW Bus and Magic Hobo Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody! Welcome to Advent Calendar Day 3. Lets just get right into it. Today I’m wearing a vintage Vostok “Desert Shield” Amphibia. Great watch I’ve had for a some time, this one I’ll definately do a video for in the future. Today’s coffee is Costa Rica Tirrazu coffee. According to the…

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Hi Taurus you are with a Amira Celon mediumship Academy. Welcome back. This is your 20/20 month-by-month reading by for 20/20 happy early New Year, Happy New Year everybody. I hope you’re gonna have an amazing 2020 moving forward I’m gonna be doing a spread from January through to December month by month if you…

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Vanishing Coffee Magic Trick In the News Newspaper Magic

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Camp Camp: Episode 10 – Mind Freakers | Rooster Teeth

♪ ♪ So, Nikki… was THIS your card? [Gasps] Oh my gosh! How did you know! The answer is simple. It’s magic! Tada. Of course! It makes perfect sense! [Cheering] Hey, Space Kid, what’s going on? Harrison is doing MAGIC. He’s incredible. Pssh. “Magic”. Come on, Space Kid, I expected better from you. There’s no…

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Father’s Day Magic Trick – MAGIC MONDAYS!!!

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ for you – Hi everybody, welcome to Magic Mondays, where every Monday I do a magic trick based on your suggestions. My name’s Chris and these are my kids. This is Parker, Bailee, and Jacob. And they’re going to help me with today’s magic trick because today’s…

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This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

What’s up guys, Lou here, back with another video, and today i’ve got something unsual for you, but i think… I’m thinking… It might be incredbily useful. I still dont really belive it though, ‘cuz when I saw this online, and I saw the demonstration, I was like come on show me where David Copperfield…

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