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The Untold Secret of Magic

as a young boy I always looked up to my older brother I was eight years old and he was 12 and I always wanted to be accepted by him I was known for stealing things out of his room and one of the things that I took was a book on card tricks when…

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How to Pass a Coin through the Hand | Coin Tricks

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Amazing coin magic trick | Street Magic

Do one of you have a coin I can borrow? 5 Francs – you’re Swiss? Yes! In some way mark the coin so that you’ll recognise it again. OK! What have you done, what did you go for? What is that? Some glasses on the queen. It’s meant to be a star? Apparently. I don’t…

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coin magic trick,동전마술 연습 마술배우기

hello everyone I made this magic by referring to oscar ouen’s trick. I’m a beginner, so please forgive me. I’d like some advice on tricks. It’s a practice scene. Thank you for watching my video

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The Rising Card Magic

so hello guys here i have another classic its known as the rising card magic now most of you would have guessed it a card will be selected and it will rise out of the deck i’m using the box version there’s one version where you can use it just you can do the effect…

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Vanishing Coin | Brain Magic

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Learn 5 Easy Coin Magic Tricks – How to Vanish Coins and More

Hello everyone. In this video I’m going to teach you magic with coins. And by the way, if you watch, “like,” and “comment” below, you can email me at the address in the description and I’ll forward to you a link to a hidden YouTube video that teaches a pro-level coin trick. So if you’ve…

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Welcome To MagicTricks.com Says Owner Peter Monticup

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Mental Colors

hello guys any any idea of what I’m having in my hand guessing that you saw it from the shadows it is aaaaa color pencils and now keep in mind this works much better with the you know oil-based and all the crayons well now let’s get into the performance okay guys this is an…

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Magic Trick Tutorial : Thru Match

guys I’m going to teach you a magic trick with these matches let’s get into the performance okay guys it’s two matches and watch what happens of course it cannot go in like this it cannot right it cannot watch just like that it went right through it without breaking right and it can come…

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