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Garage Talk – Coke / Aluminum Foil trick for rust

Ugh my girlfriend’s truck She’s only happy to drive from A to B Doesn’t care about the look but me I do care about the look of the truck RUST …ugh Researched and I thought I’ll try something First we will try coke Sorry Mom I’m stealing your coke Tee Hee

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Dang! Apparently Butane Did The Trick

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back you might remember last week we tried making Coke Rockets using propane We saw videos all over the internet claiming that you could mix propane and coke and getting them to blast off like a rocket However, when we tried that we found that at the epic fail, oh…

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Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)

With this one simple trick, you’ll be able to take any bottle of soda, and pour out an instant slushy on command. Now if you don’t believe what you’re seeing, that’s ok, but it is real, and in this project you’ll discover the insanely easy secret to making an instant soda slushy. For this project,…

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Cool Trick With Balloons and Coke

Frozen on the outside liquid beverage on the inside very very refreshing hey, what’s up guys welcome back I got a very cool experiment for you today. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I was hanging out in La with my friend Logan Paul, and we tried taking flat Dr. Pepper putting in…

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Rens trips on magic mushrooms | Drugslab

Hello, I’m Rens. -And I’m Nellie. And welcome… -In our Drugslab. Let me get acclimatized first. All sort of lines… I see your pores really clearly. I was afraid for a moment. Every week in the name of science we try a different drug… to see what it does to the human body. Curious about…

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Coke Can Magic Trick

Hello Friends, Whats up guys!. Tonight I gonna show you the trick with my empty coke can and you can see its crushed from all the sides and it is also empty. Next thing I gonna use is this cup, So by using this cup I will try to refill this empty can so first…

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Nellie completely spaced out on magic truffles (psilocybin) | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Bastiaan. -And I’m Nellie. And welcome… -In our Drugslab. Everything is different. It’s pretty intense. Also in 2017 we’ll try all kinds of drugs for you in the name of science. As usual you can react in the comments, just as Hugo Klat, Tristan Koenders… Chann Chunn… -And The Incredible Hulk did. Because…

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This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

What’s up guys, Lou here, back with another video, and today i’ve got something unsual for you, but i think… I’m thinking… It might be incredbily useful. I still dont really belive it though, ‘cuz when I saw this online, and I saw the demonstration, I was like come on show me where David Copperfield…

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Oh look at this. It’s [the] fucking coke [oh] my God And [your] fucking good at you boy will be and tonight. I am back with my by far most suggested video of all time You guys are like two weeks ago. I did the crazy instant water to ice Magic trick basically We haven’t…

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