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Multifandom ● Fleeting Light ( + @zowho )

♪ The sun ♪ ♪ Will one day grow cold ♪ ♪ Light ♪ ♪ Will slowly fade away ♪ No stars. ♪ The noise ♪ ♪ In time will be still ♪ I’d hoped there’d be stars. ♪ Love lost in the decay ♪ ♪ With the wind in my hair and the windows…

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A Deal With A Demon – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 3)

COLLECTOR:Previously on Escape the Night…The Armageddon clock continues to countdown to morning.This thing is going to turn all of us to dust. Well, all of you to dust, ’cause I’m not dying. -[ALL SCREAMING] -[GROWLING]Our heroes solved the mystery of the Pharaoh’s murder…I loved my husband. It’s the wife. [SCREAMS]…and take control of the mummy.The…

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Funhouse – Escape the Night S3 (Ep 7)

Male announcer: Previously on “Escape the Night”…I’m over this. All of my friends are dying.Announcer: The tension between Colleen and Joey rises.Liar.Announcer: And the group commits acts of tortureto cleanse the next artifact.Joey proves himself by finding the second Lazarus coin…It’s a coin.Announcer: And pushes the group to murder one of their ownto cleanse the…

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Prehistoric Evil – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 9)

Woman: Previously on “Escape the Night”…So you’re stuck here just like us? You can’t do nothing. I would use my powers, but I don’t have my staff.Woman: Tension builds in the group.I’m so sorry. You think you know a bitch.Woman: And pirates invade the museum.Row faster, row faster!Woman: Joey’s wish is granted…Oh, Colleen, you’re back.Woman:…

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The Museum of Death Part 2 – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 2)

THE COLLECTOR: Previously on Escape the Night…Joey teams up with the Society Against Evil…To enter the Museum of the Dead, we need to create a gateway to purgatory.…to save his dead friends.Go, bitches. Let’s go. What happened? Are you saying we’re stuck here? THE COLLECTOR:Even when free,their feelings about him are mixed.Are you serious? THE…

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Never Enough Cover ft. Cimorelli

I’m trying to hold my breath Let it stay this way, can’t let this moment end You set off a dream in me Getting louder now Can you hear it echoing? Take my hand Will you share this with me? ‘Cause darling without you All the shine of a thousand spotlights All the stars we…

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[electronic theme music] Hey guys, It’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, I have a very special guest. It’s my actress friend, Olivia! Olivia: Hi, guys! Ro: I am so excited you are here. Olivia: I’m so excited to be here. Ro: I can’t tell you- I am a huge fan of this one….

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MAGICIAN vs. MAGICIAN | Collins Key ft. Lauren Doss

– What’s up, guys? It’s Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday vlog. Today I’m all the way out in St. Louis because I have a very special guest with me. Joining in this chair of awesomeness, everyone please welcome Lauren Doss. (snaps) – [Unison] Hey! – Yay, welcome to one of my videos, it’s…

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