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The Color Changing Rose | Magic Trick

What color rose do you see? I took egg carton and cut out different size cups to make a rose I also cut out some leaves I used a wooden skewer to make the stem I steamed them, so they could be bent to achieve more natural look of a stem Then I wrapped it…

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CARDINI CHANGE – Color Change Tutorial (EASY)

– In today’s video, we are talking about one of the coolest color changes and one of the most popular color changes out there, and what better setting to teach a color change than with the changing of the leaves in fall, ah? See, I thought color changing leaves, color change. Let’s get into it….

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How to MAGICALLY CHANGE a Playing Card! – Magic Trick tutorial

(relaxing jazz music) (upbeat rock music) – What is up, guys? Alex Boyer here and today you’re going to learn something super amazing. Actually, by my good friend- – (screams) – Seb Parent. By the way, my friend Seb just started his YouTube channel so please guys, show him some love and subscribe to his…

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Invisible Thread Reel – ITR // magic trick // tutorial

Hello dear friends! If you like my videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video. Today we will consider the wonderful props that I purchased for aliexpress called ITR invisible thread reel so what link in the description below the video this is the best seller on aliexpress In the meantime,…

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