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Commissioner 101 or HOW TO HIRE ARTISTS ONLINE, Pricing, Vetting, etc | For Future Reference Vlog

[EMOJI] Hey it’s Eli aka Atlas. And today’s video is a BIG plot twist: because it is NOT for my fellow artist brethren… and sistren? Instead, today’s video is squarely for those who require our artistic services. In other words–that’s right–this video is for COMMISSIONERS. Whether you’re a first timer looking for someone to flesh…

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Magical Weapons | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[Angelique] Hi I’m Angelique. Watch Marvel make me a hero. I am an over-50 wellness influencer. Most of my followers are between the ages of 25 and 44. They tell me that I give them hope to not look a certain way over 50. So it’s been very positive, very flattering, and I feel like…

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Road to Wizard World Con | State Farm®

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Elizabeth Hurley Manifests Magic in Marvel’s Runaways!

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELIZABETH HURLEY: To come into Runaways, she’s the first character that’s been in here who has huge powers. And unlike the kids, who are discovering powers, the amateurs, she’s not an amateur. I am here with the ever enchanting Elizabeth Hurley. Hello. – Hi. LORRAINE CINK: You will be playing Morgan le Fay,…

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Magic and Empathy | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Charo. Watch Marvel make me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING] I always wanted to be a writer. And then when I started college, one of my classes was a seminar. And every week we had to go to the newspaper. And once I went into that newsroom, I knew that that was…

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Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain Marvel’ Visual Effects Magic | Earth’s Mightiest Show

CHRISTOPHER TOWNSEND: So we literally had stunts go and rig up on our set with wires and actually had these characters being slammed around and moved. [MUSIC PLAYING] Beware my purr. My tentacles bite. I’m Lorraine. I might have fallen from space. I’m Langston. Ooh, and this is Earth’s Mightiest Show. Where we talk about…

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Staff of Magic | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Sandy. Watch Marvel make me a hero. My name is Sandy Gould. I’m the head of talent, which involves running recruiting, employee movement and growth, learning and development, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion. I started reading comics when I was eight. I never stopped. And I’ve probably read almost every…

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Code 8 – Short Film [2016]

[distant sirens] [distant sounds of traffic](female dispatch #1) 10-02, undetermined emergency at 401 Rexdale.(female dispatch #2) Way is clear, 10-38.(dispatch #1) Suspect is low-level psych; send in drone support.(dispatch #2) …telekinetic on foot, last seen heading westbound.(dispatch #1) Charlie 3-5-2, reports of a male levitating–[drone flying in the distance] [gentle music] [music continues] Hey. Get…

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Baby Heroes Supergirl vs Hulk vs funny Magician in Real Life Fun Comic Video | SuperHero Kids

Five! Yes! I get to go again. Cool! Baby ex maximus! Now you’ll be babies forever! What just happened? Me don’t know. Hulk winning! Hulk bored. Play this instead. But we need to finish our game. Hulk try to fix Do you need help? Hulk got it Hey! Hulk was playing game! I can play…

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Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze

A superhero. Hey, you two! This is Captain America here, and I need your help. Are you up for the challenge? No! Well, wait– [laughter] Hi, Chris Evans here. To support Christopher’s Haven, I’m teaming up with Omaze to offer you the chance to assemble a team of your best friends for the ultimate escape…

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