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What Magical Power do YOU Want?

[MUSIC PLAYING] If I attended Strange Academy, I’d probably want to have the power to make time go faster, so I could graduate. I think I’d want to come from the other world and be a fairy. They’re so cool. I like clairvoyance. How’s that? Yeah, sure, 2099. How about time control? All of them….

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Top 10 Strongest Magical Superheroes

The comic world is full of magic. Magical villains, magical weapons, magical creatures, but most importantly, magical superheroes! We got tons of them, and for the most part, they are all very very powerful. Which is good, because there are some dangerous villains out there, who consistently try to take over the world. Hey guys,…

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Magic Tricks with Skottie Young!

– Oh, Skottie. Sorry I’m late. – Yeah. We’re announcing this thing, right? We are. What should we do? What are we going to do for it? Well, usually you would just talk to the camera, and you’d talk about the project? Right. That’s not big enough, though. [BEEP] Uh, skywriting? Do you have a…

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Marvel’s New Magic School: Learn From the Best—and Worst

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I’m Skottie Young, and this is five reasons that you should read Strange Academy. One, it’s going to teach young characters how to use magic and the mystical arts. Everybody’s favorite day, parent-teacher conference day, could get a little awkward when certain giant dark lords from other dimensions have to show up…

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Techno-Mage | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey this is Tatiana King Jones, and watch Marvel make me the hero. I realized that I love to produce and podcasts, because when I went online I noticed that people had a chance to talk about everything they loved about geek culture, whether it was about the characters, whether it was about…

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Baby Heroes 4: Hulk vs monkey king funny magician superhero fun in real life comics | SuperHeroKids

It’s been forever since Paul has been missing! I don’t think we are ever going to find them. Wait, who is Paul again? Hey, who is that? Hey! It’s Paul! Paul is home, Paul is home, Paul, Paul! I’m back! Oh hey Deadpool! I have your Lootcrate! Paul! Where have you been? Oh you see,…

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Nomad of Nowhere: Episode 10 – The Witch and The Knight | Rooster Teeth

*clap clap* My word, it worked! What is it, Papa? Why, it’s your new friend, Melinda. The scarecrow? He watches over our fields, doesn’t he? He can watch over you too. Why? You’re telling me you don’t want your very own magical friend? You said we weren’t supposed to use magic. Well… it doesn’t hurt…

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Commissioner 101 or HOW TO HIRE ARTISTS ONLINE, Pricing, Vetting, etc | For Future Reference Vlog

[EMOJI] Hey it’s Eli aka Atlas. And today’s video is a BIG plot twist: because it is NOT for my fellow artist brethren… and sistren? Instead, today’s video is squarely for those who require our artistic services. In other words–that’s right–this video is for COMMISSIONERS. Whether you’re a first timer looking for someone to flesh…

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Magical Weapons | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[Angelique] Hi I’m Angelique. Watch Marvel make me a hero. I am an over-50 wellness influencer. Most of my followers are between the ages of 25 and 44. They tell me that I give them hope to not look a certain way over 50. So it’s been very positive, very flattering, and I feel like…

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Road to Wizard World Con | State Farm®

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