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Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge with making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach…

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William Meader: Answering the Spiritual Call

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Maitreya Rael: The Magic Garden (71-06-15) – Part 7 of 9

The Magic Garden Recorded during the Asian Happiness Academy, June 15th, 71 ah, Okinawa, Japan What a beautiful garden. I don’t see a crowd, I see a garden with many beautiful flowers. You are flowers. Feel it! You all love flowers, eh? How does it start, a flower? With a little seed. You too! At…

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How to Exploit The Frequency Illusion to Change Your Habits

Have you ever been shopping for a car, a phone, a watch, or a pair of sunglasses and, once you settle on the model you want, you start seeing it everywhere? There’s a name for that phenomenon. It’s called the frequency illusion. And no, I’m not talking about seeing internet ads for your new “toy”…

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Is our world an illusion?

Hi, I’m Marc Gielissen. If you appreciate my work. then please subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell. We could ask ourselves if the world in which we live is just an illusion, some will just call it the matrix. In my book “Awakening Consciousness” I explain how we are influenced by our…

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What If Time Is An Illusion?

Time flows like a river. From X to Y – the integers of existence are marked by the passage of the ever-constant ticking of the cosmic clock. We live, we die – yet the rivers of time seemingly go on and on – the one driving force that leads us from the past, to the…

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Consciousness: The Neuroscience of Perception, illusion & Cognition. How Your Brain Works: Anil Seth

how does consciousness happen why is life in the first person the modern incarnation of this problem is usually traced to Descartes who in the 17th century distinguished between matter stuff Rezac stanza the stuff that these desks are made of that clothes are made of but also that brains and bodies are made of…

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Global Foundation with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer

What The Bleep Is The Global Foundation? Hi everybody, my name is Dr. Dain Heer. Here to invite you to a most phenomenal class and when I say phenomenal I mean it’s basically time to change everything in your life, it’s called the Access Consciousness Foundation. Once a year Gary Douglas, the founder of Access…

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Sam Harris: The Self is an Illusion

What one of the problems we have in discussing consciousness scientifically is that consciousness is irreducibly subjective. This is a point that many philosophers have made – Thomas Nagel, John Sorrell, David Chalmers. While I don’t agree with everything they’ve said about consciousness I agree with them on this point that consciousness is what it’s…

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