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How to pick up girls with easy this Magic Trick!?

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Magical Mom Learns a Magic Trick… and It Works!

For Christmas I taught my mom a magic trick and she became a magician proved by this… I’m a magician! Check it out after this. “Me and the magic man went for a long drive.” Magic with Mom…Yeah! I could have used that paper again. Stop magic…stop light Amazing and easy to learn Open up…

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Performing Close Up Magic Surrounded By 10,000! Magic: Impossible!

Oh look, a message… Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to perform close-up magic for 20,000 eyeballs completely surrounded and to get a reaction like this… This message will self-destruct And I need your help Subscribe to the channel, and like this video, let’s go! “Me and the Magic Man went for…

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Learn Magic Tricks: Twisting Arm Illusion (REVEALED)

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Amazing Magic Live Illusion Surrounded by 18,000 People!

All magicians live for the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. I had the opportunity to perform surrounded by 18,000 people. I’m gonna show you the footage today. “Me and the Magic Man went for a long drive.” It’s a great day to be alive, welcome to Magic Inspired. My name is…

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Magic for Dogs (They’re Too Smart!)

Here at Magic Inspired we’ve got a special holiday treat for you. We’re gonna perform magic for three different dogs…Buster the dog, Ruby the dog, and Maggie the dog. And we’re gonna make a treat disappear from my hands, disappear, and after it disappears, it’s going to reappear in their masters hands, and we’re going…

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How to Do Rubber Band Up Nose Trick | Magic Tricks

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Magic Tricks for Kids: Card Trick ‘Impossible Prediction’

Magic Tricks for kids: Card Trick ‘Impossible Prediction’ Wow your friends and family with this baffling card trick. They’ll be desperate to know how you did it. You will need: A deck of cards, a pen, and some paper. Preparation: Before you begin, pick a card and put it at the top of the deck….

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How to Do the 2 Detectives Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

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Wallet Prediction Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

Jason: Now Anne would you help me out with this one again, I guess these are all stand alone. Now Anne would you help me out with this one? Anne: Sure. Jason: Would you just go ahead and shuffle those cards, and as you do I’m just going to make a little bit of a…

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