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The magician has something dangerous in store for us, using this large circular contraption. No it’s not an industrial washing machine or an overgrown donut. It’s actually a torture device with a potentially lethal twist. You can see that a table bisects the contraption. There’s nothing above or below as a magician is willing to…

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Paper Airplane Trick Shots 2 | That’s Amazing

there it is guys I’m back from college you guys have to leave a like if you want me to come home film more videos guys we haven’t posted in three weeks because I’ve been coming up with this it looks really simple but that’s on the outside so I’m gonna throw an airplane through…

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Best Zach King Vine Magic Compilation of all time

Ryan! We got to go! Ryan! There you are. -What are you doing, man? -I’ve been looking for you. It’s perfect. No! No! If you kick a soccer ball just right… You get a puppy! C’mon! Gah! Woah woah WAHHH Innovative suits. Zach, can you take a spin for us? Here we go! Woaaah! C’mon…

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Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

it’s a banger woow get in intro music tall guy beard twin purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twin purple hoser now our heading on to overtime we have a great show for you guys today to brand new segment two segment yo know in lover first lets get ’em the giveaway…

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this seems like a very bad idea already I guess what is up everybody welcome back to the channel I’m Josh and today I’m with my friend Florian aka venom trickshots what’s up dude it’s been a while it’s been a while we’ve done some stuff in the past but we are back for a…

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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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Magician Matt Parro Promo

London Magician / Brighton Magician – Matt Parro Award Winning Magician Matt Parro Is… Amazing Unbelievable Astounding This is not the end It is only the beginning As seen in ‘The Sun’ As seen on TV London Magician Matt Parro: “Don’t try this at home.” London Magician Matt Parro: “Watch closely as I rub them…

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✧ Fantasy Looks // The Magician + High Priestess

hi beautiful Jake is a makeup and I were inspired by the art of the tarot cards so we created these magical looks for you to try out the first look card number one is inspired by the magician the second look card number two is inspired by the High Priestess before we begin I…

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Jon Dorenbos’ Mind-Blowing Magic

I was so blown away by our next guest the last time he was here that I got him back here as soon as I could possibly get him back here. From the Philadelphia Eagles, please welcome the magician John Dorenbos.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Congratulations, so you won, you beat the Falcons on Sunday- >>Yeah, that’s a good…

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