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Funny And Easy Magic Trick You Can Do Now

Don’t mind my armpit in the next 23 senconds Thank you!!

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How to Make a Full Cup of Coffee DISAPPEAR – Magic Trick

Vanish or maybe i drank them all!!

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Instant Changing Card Magic Trick

Magic is here, baby :3

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5 EASY Magic Tricks but Really Awesome

CREEPY!!!! (No i’m kidding)

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5 Super Crazy Magic Tricks You Can Do

Are they crazy enough? No? Ok 😐

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Unbelievable Magic Trick That Will Freak You Out

Let’s freak everyone out with this bloody trick!!

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4 Crazy Magic Tricks You CAN DO RIGHT THERE

Coin tricks, but those aren’t coins :v

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Sleight Of Hand Card Magic | Steven Bridges

– Everybody go wild for Steven Bridges! (everybody cheers) We don’t have a studio audience so I just did my own intro. Because I just wanted to make it feel more profesh. Isn’t that nice? We’ve got Michael Dean, we’ve got Toby. Toby has no last name. We’re gonna dive right into this. Toby, I’m…

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Insane Magic Trick You Can Do

Insane!!! Or not i don’t know 😐 😐

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