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Ringtone Wizard Syncing Tutorial

Thank you for using Ringtone Wizard! It’s easy to use the ringtones you made with Ringtone Wizard on your iPhone. After saving your ringtone using Ringtone Wizard, connect your iPhone to your computer and load iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes. Then navigate to the Apps tab. At the bottom of the screen, select Ringtone…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Review – Making Magic or Meh?

Right before the initial Switch announcement in October of 2016, when the Wii U was on life support in the hospital wing at Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto- a tearbound Shigeru Miyamoto finally pulled the plug on his underselling console. But, in the throes of death- the Wii U’s will ejected from the disc slot- a…

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Magic Card Trick Tutorial For Beginners – Elevator Card Trick | Official AlienBuzz TV

– It’s bizarre. It’s impossible, but we’re going to do it anyway. – [Announcer] Alien Buzz. (clapping) – You got the kitty in the middle. I’m gonna take the kitty to the bottom of the deck watch. (drumming) And now suddenly it’s on the bottom. (cheering) Now let’s take from the bottom back to the…

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