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Diego Stocco: Sound Magician Part V

Nature has a voice. And I discovered that I can create sounds of animals and other mysterious creatures by using something completely different, like a tree for example.

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Black Cards: Magic the Gathering Game : Nectar Faerie Black Card in Magic the Gathering

MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village, and today we’re going to be discussing the black color from “Magic: The Gathering”. Now, we’re going to go over Nectar Faerie. Nectar Faerie is a powerful, uncommon card from the Lorwyn set. Once again, the Lorwyn set is trying to boost faeries and merfolk. Now,…

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hand routed mtg Magic The Gathering Sign

I’m making a magic the gathering sign today I’m hitting the template and wood with spray adhesive I clamped down the wood and shot WD40 on the bit that way it’ll have less chance of gumming up I’m using a 60 degree v groove bit So I’m routing along the outside edge of the letters…

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Artifact Cards: Magic the Gathering Game : Juggernaut Artifact Card in Magic the Gathering

Hi, I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village, and today we’ll be discussing artifacts from Magic the Gathering. And now we’re going to talk about Juggernaut. Juggernaut has been around since the beta. He was actually the first artifact creature ever printed. He is currently legal, and is usually always in the basic set, which is…

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People Play Magic: The Gathering For The First Time

– We’re gonna give you guys some booster packs of the most recent set. – Yeah! Yes! (electric music) – I’ve heard of it but more so more familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. – I have not at all heard about Magic, so complete newb. – I’ve been playing off and on for like maybe…

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