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Awesome Optical Illusion !

The Dress’s misteries Which color is the dress ?

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Longest Giant Magic Tracks Toy Car Chase Over Hot Tub!

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Another Mario World – FOREST OF ILLUSION? #2

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Ringtone Wizard Syncing Tutorial

Thank you for using Ringtone Wizard! It’s easy to use the ringtones you made with Ringtone Wizard on your iPhone. After saving your ringtone using Ringtone Wizard, connect your iPhone to your computer and load iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes. Then navigate to the Apps tab. At the bottom of the screen, select Ringtone…

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Synth Wizards Episode 2: Juno We Could Make It Do That?

The Roland Juno-106 was one of the most popular polyphonic synthesizers from the 1980s. They were simple to use, they had lots of preset storage, and they sounded great! They’re definitely vintage collectible synthesizers, and because there were so many made, today’s prices aren’t too crazy. We recently made a road trip to collect dozens…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Review – Making Magic or Meh?

Right before the initial Switch announcement in October of 2016, when the Wii U was on life support in the hospital wing at Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto- a tearbound Shigeru Miyamoto finally pulled the plug on his underselling console. But, in the throes of death- the Wii U’s will ejected from the disc slot- a…

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Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 – MAGIC SEEDS?! [24]

Yes, so. Did you guys know that about 95% of all Magicians are bald? Because they’re always pulling their hair out Hey, what’s going on guys SSundee here back to some more sky factory with ugly. Hello, ugly Hello, pretty. How are you doing today? I am good ugly Mister ugly That’s good mister pretty….

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This CUSTOM Puzzle Box Has a HIDDEN Treasure!!

♪(upbeat music)♪ (coughs) – What’s up? How’s it going guys? Welcome back. Today’s Wednesday, and this is a crate. This is a crate that I got in the mail from my friend Daniel Scott Woodworks. I don’t know if you remember Daniel Scott or Daniel Alterman. He sent me a puzzle a few weeks back…

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Magic: The Gathering Art – A Review of the Prints of Noah Bradley – MTG

Magic the Gathering is more than numbers and rules interactions. There is a story fueled by imagination made real in the art of your cards. This is perhaps the greatest draw of the game, the world in which it presents to you. And thus the art of Magic the Gathering may in fact be it’s…

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NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

Oh, here we go… [courtesy horn] Yes! Thats what I call the courtesy honk I just pushed this custom button And it’s two super quick chirps of the horn that are not only friendly sounding but it’s intentionally not as loud as a normal horn, so I’m gonna show you how and why I did…

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