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Finally Found A Magical Solution For This Coward Dog’s Phobia About Any Sound (Part2) | Kritter Klub

Save.. me.. Shivering Soondae.. What did you see..? Nothing much to see Mysterious object of Soondae’s fear..☆ After coming home The anxiety continues Scary.. So Scary.. Not even a haunted house When did it start? Soondae’s dad/ A truck that sells rice puffs would come in front of our house often The machine would make…

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Amazing Trick Dogs THE SUPER COLLIES! *World Record*

Oh world record doggy ready what is that for everybody welcome back to another episode of world record Wednesdays thanks to whistle sports for making this one happen today we are with the super khaalis and celebrity dog trainer Sarah Carson we’re gonna be breaking some world records we’re gonna see what these dogs can…

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Magic for Dogs (They’re Too Smart!)

Here at Magic Inspired we’ve got a special holiday treat for you. We’re gonna perform magic for three different dogs…Buster the dog, Ruby the dog, and Maggie the dog. And we’re gonna make a treat disappear from my hands, disappear, and after it disappears, it’s going to reappear in their masters hands, and we’re going…

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Water Trick Catch – German Shepherd April – [ 4K Slow Motion ]

If you’ve seen any of our previous episodes. You know that I’ll cover just about any subject. However. The most requested subject Since starting. Warped perception. Has been animals. And since I really like putting a Twist on things. I figured today’s subject. Will definitely be. A surprising twist. April you ready for a bath….

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Buugeng: An epic guide to becoming a living optical illusion!

What’s up Internet Thank you so much for joining us for another episode of fiction forge the show where it’s our mission to spread Creativity through the hearts and minds of all you amazing Awesome people out there this episode is especially for all you jugglers and festival junkies out there But also for fans…

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