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Surprising People with real-life illusions and magic tricks.

– So a lot of people around the world right now are at home, and I thought it’d be fun to join them on video chat, and pull off a few illusions for ’em. So let’s get into position. All right, let’s go. What’s up? – Hi! – [Woman] Can you say hi? – Hi….

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When Cat magic cooking

Time to eat. Ooh.What the? Cat write someting for me. cat promised to cook a super big meal. Nice big food, bb. Bring me food products Now me play the cooking game. Tastiest dish ever. Special treats for special friends. Wooooow. Me see dish so clear now. Hey good lookin. Ooh food. Is dish right?…

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Magic Trick – Paper Rope (Themis Magic World #15)

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Wizard Dave.

Hello bitches. Colin hehe that is naughty. Hello everyone! I am a wizard. You may not know this, but my spirit animal is a slug I want a spirit animal. Will you help me find one Dave? Of course I will Colin. Stare into the crystal Colin and your spirit animal should appear behind you….

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fluffy hair and bangs trick / ふわふわに髪を海外風に巻く方法&かきあげ前髪の作り方

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Freddie Highmore on the Nasal Party Trick He Retired

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Genius Christmas-Turned-Valentine’s Day Decor Trick Is Truly Breathtaking

– So my next guest lives in probably the most decorated house in Dallas, Texas. Maybe all of Texas. I love this. She recently made headlines for perfecting one of the latest Instagram trends. Redecorating your Christmas tree for other holidays. The pictures speak for themselves. (Audience wooing) I mean, it looks like Candy Land…

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MAGIC TRICK: Hanky Aces (Themis Magic World #14)

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Colin Farrell on Working with the ‘Magic’ Tim Burton on ‘Dumbo’

Talk about Dumbo. Let’s talk about the movie. Oh, yeah. So the original was– what was the original about, and what is this about? The original was– this is very much about the same thing the original is about. The original is about a baby elephant born into a circus, and the baby elephant is…

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Om Nom Stories: Mad Tea Party (Episode 30, Cut the Rope: Magic)

[Om Nom’s yelling] [Aww!] [Playing music] [Aaah!]

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