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What’s In Your Deck #3 with Djurdja | Heroic – Magic Duel

Hi! My name is Djurdja and I’ve always loved playing PvP, strategy, and card collectible games and I fell in love with Heroic as soon as I started playing it. The love for this game brought me where I am today and that’s Community Management on this game, so I’m here to share some exclusive,…

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“Magic: The Gathering” Creature Cards : “Magic: The Gathering” Combat Damage Steps

After blockers have been declared, the combat damage step occurs. During this step all damage is assigned as follows. The power of any unblocked creature is assigned to the defending player, the power of creatures that have been blocked, and are blocking are assigned to each other. The Grizzly Bears assigned 2 damage to the…

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Magic Rush – Sky City – Bibo

hey everybody oldfolks here so I’m going to do my challenge today with this obviously I’m going to run the bullet time team this is my team nothing I can do about it right now but this is this is not where I glide came to be it’s great for this I don’t run bilbo…

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