Dave Chappelle Is a Magical Party Wizard – Pete Lee – Unmic’d

– And he goes, “Dave Chappelle will take care of it” and then he just kept walking. Dave Chappelle is wizard. He is a party magic wizard. (lively jazz music) Hi, my name is Pete Lee and this is why you say yes to Dave Chappelle. All right, so I was sitting at the Comedy…

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How to Do an Illusion Knee Isolation | Hip-Hop Combos

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Exclusive Sneak Peek at the ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

– So, tWitch, in a few more weeks, we are gonna get to see you in the sequel to “Magic Mike.” That is exciting. [cheers and applause] – Yeah. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Yep, really exciting. [cheers and applause] – You play one of the dancers… – I do, I do. – And,…

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Slay 💃🏿 | Episode 1 | SHOOK | Disney Channel

( vibrating, alarm ringing ) ( sighs ) ( alarm stops ) ( groans )( music playing )♪ Yeah ♪♪ Whole heart, quick, smart, playing every single part ♪♪ Pardon me, but you can see, got it in the bag ♪♪ North, south, east, west, all over the globe ♪♪ Making hips hop non-stop, breaking…

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How to Do a Rise-Up in Illusion Dance | Hip-Hop Combos

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How to Do an Illusion Combo | Hip-Hop Combos

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Haschak Sisters – Gossip Girl

Somebody is spreading a crazy rumor about me Wait let me see oh ya that’s bad I wonder who would do that Do you see what she’s wearing Did you hear that Did he get in trouble what did he say well I heard that they’re not dating anymore I heard that he got sent…

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Haschak Sisters – Boys Are So Ugh

[music] If you sorta kinda like him you should tell him so wait what If you wait up after school for him then you should know okay first of all If he happens to be in the background on your phone coincidence Then it’s obvious there is something going on Maybe I like him maybe…

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The Movie Special brings Hollywood magic ✨ – BBC Strictly 2019

Dancing the Charleston from the movie Mary Poppins Returns, Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse. Dancing street commercial for their couples choice, from the movie Alladin, Dev Griffin & Dianne Buswell. Dancing the quick step from the movie Cabaret, Michelle Visage & Giovanni Pernice. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the international sensation… Michelle Visage. Dancing…

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#OutOfOz: “Dancing Through Life / The Wizard and I” – Jackie Burns & Casey Cott | WICKED the Musical

(soft guitar music) ♪ Dancing through life ♪ ♪ Skimming the surface ♪ ♪ Gliding where turf is smooth ♪ ♪ Life’s more painless ♪ ♪ For the brainless ♪ ♪ Why think too hard ♪ ♪ When it’s so soothing ♪ ♪ Dancing through life ♪ ♪ No need to tough it ♪ ♪…

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