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Vanishing Coffee Magic Trick In the News Newspaper Magic

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Boris Dajnamo: Street Magic Card Trick Miracle !

Vicky will pick any random card Look at it and show it to the camera You can see the card right ? ( Audience applause ) Watch closely.. Push it back Vicky Is it on top of the deck ? Is it on the bottom ? Thank you , thank you ! I’m not doing…

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Digital Magic Trick – Android Tutorial

Hi guys! Thank you for purchasing the Digital Magic Trick app. You select in the list the object you want to make appear over the home screen. The icon on the right of each object allows you to define the size of each object by pinching in/out with your fingers. You click on the “Start…

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Inventor of Magic: Illusionist Kevin James | A Kennedy Center Digital Stage Original

When you’re creating something like magic, you have to think backwards. “What’s the most amazing thing I could do?” and then work your way backwards to try to figure out how to do that. It’s a great creative art form that just lets you do anything you want. In the magic world, usually you have…

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Ghost Impact – Magic Trick #16 – Tutorial

To begin the trick, you click on “Launch Trick” button. Once the camera view is visible you lock your smartphone and place it on the table. The spectator picks any card then you put all the playing cards back into the box. You unlock the smartphone then you ask the spectator what is the selected…

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Biggest Magic Secrets and Illusion Revealed

5 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Magic is a funny thing. As much as the audience wants to be tricked or fooled, they also usually want to know exactly how the trick was done. It’s a weird balance – where people want to believe in or see real magic, but at the same time feel…

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World’s 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #3 | Dynamo | America’s Got Talent | FactoFusion

As kids, we all have grown up watching all kinds of magic and illusions The magicians have their secrets which they never share, and that’s what makes their magic shows a treat to watch! May be as a child, we were too involved in the magic and didn’t cared much about the secrets But not…

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Vegas 24 Ep. 9: Piff the Magic Dragon

Ladies and gentlemen you’re just moments away from seeing The Godzilla of Magic, The Chief Wizard of Lizards, Piff the Magic Dragon! Why couldn’t we do this at… 7:00 p.m? After a nice dinner? Vegas at 11 a.m is one of the most depressing sights known to mankind No, it’s not that bad. There’s people…

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MAGIC CAMP | Official Trailer [HD] | Award-Winning Documentary Film

Harry Potter might want to take a few lessons at the magic camp that’s happening right now. I do birthday parties. Six-year-olds love me. Tannen’s has launched an awful lot of careers, including David Copperfield. Criss Angel. David Blaine started there. Being in a place where there’s a hundred magicians you have to ask yourself,…

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Temple, Magic and City Lights – Benno Six magic #10

Take it out incredible Welcome to Japan

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