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Magic The Gathering: Opening 3x Rivals of Ixalan Booster Packs!

Hey guys Mtgdecksforfun here, and today we are going to open up some Rivals of Ixalan. So, I figured id open some on my birthday. So, we have enter the unknown, skymarcher aspirant, majestic helioptres and path of discovery. It is a 4 drop enchantment whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control it…

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The Story Behind Warrior of Zera | Yu-Gi-Oh! Lore

What’s going on people? gunsblazing back at it again and welcome to yet another episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Lore: the series that doesn’t focus on the card game itself – but the stories behind them. Bby taking a close look we can see the details of not only the descriptions but also the artwork, stats, effects,…

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MTG – Mono Black Ponza, The $20 Pauper Land Destruction Deck for Magic: The Gathering

Are you looking for a deck that’s cruel mean-spirited and rotten to the core Are you a sick individual who only has fun playing magic if you can make your opponent miserable? Do you have a cold black heart that only pumps out a slick Pestilent bile? Well then have I got a deck for…

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How to Make a Commander Deck | Magic Arcanum

Welcome to Magic Arcanum. I’m Ryan Gomez and I’m so glad you’re here because it’s Story Time! Commander is a hugely popular way to play Magic, and with Modern Horizons giving us so many new and cool cards that are perfect for the format, I thought we’d take a look at how to tackle building…

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Quick Updates | Pendulum Magician (SEPTIEMBRE/September 2017) (Yu-Gi-Oh) Post September 2017 Banlist

Presented by El Exordio del Duelista Deck Analysis Pendulum Magician | Format: September 2017 Pendulum Magician Stats | Ofensive 8 | Defense 7 | Consistency 9 | Versatility 8 | Recovery 8. FINAL SCORE: 8 Excellent! Deck Type Aggro: Deck focused on an offensive strategy thanks to it interactions with their Spells, Traps and Monsters….

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Magic The Gathering Unbans JACE!

today February 12 2018 Wizards of the coast unbanned two cards that were very popular in the format one being chased the mine sculptor a card that dominated standard while it was in play and modern it’s quite interesting because a card being unbanned such as Jason mine sculptor will definitely affect not only the…

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Playing Cards Wizard

Hi I’m Nash, producer from Iluzija Animation Studio Although this project doesn’t have anything to do with animation we had the opportunity during one of our projects, to create a custom deck playing cards. So our illustrator created images for the kings, queens etc. and our designer prepared signs, numbers, letters and all necessary elements….

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Descent of Dragons Mage! EZ LEGEND! Highlander Mage UN REAL! Reno Mage/Dragon Mage Guide Hearthstone

descent of dragons Highlander mage what’s wrong have you been crying which one was it it was you just yeah we’re gonna conjure the one seven oh that’s hilarious I just wanted to get some funny cards in the pool of stuff to resurrect galakrond galakrond Kelkar ons the hell is it I don’t understand…

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Puff the Magic Dragon Deck List! Pokemon TCG Ultra Necrozma Malamar Cosmic Eclipse Deck

all right people today let’s get into another decklist I’m excited to show off this one because this is the third time it’ll be on the channel but this time it is a brand new look this used to be the magic dragon it still is in spirit but today we’re gonna be talking about…

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FOOL Everyone With These 5 Pen Tricks!!

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