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Begin Playing Standard With Low Cost, No Cost Colossus! A Magic The Gathering Kaladesh Budget Deck

[Music] is the standard cost of standard well above your financial standards do you no longer have a spare kidney to sell for that Silesia aggro deck because you’ve already sold it to try out band mid-range worried you might have to start selling your plasma just to play at Friday night magic well worry…

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MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Kaladesh Bundle for Magic: The Gathering?

Many Magic: The Gathering Players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Kaladesh bundle? Formerly known as “Fat Packs” This product has been redesigned and rebranded But is this new iteration a market improvement over Fat Packs? Or a bundle of blandness not to be bought? Let’s take a look. A Kaladesh…

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MTG – An Advanced Guide To Modern Jund for Magic: The Gathering

There is only one rule here. The strong survive. This is a world of pure freedom. There is no authority, no peace, no thought. Only instinct and the morality that might makes right. It is a world as cruel as those who call it home. They’re brutal struggles scar the land even as it carves…

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