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Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind

-We’re here with illusionist Derren Brown, everybody, whose show, “Derren Brown: Secret” is on Broadway through January 4th, at the Cort Theatre. And I’m so happy to be here. What an honor. -This is so exciting. Thank you for having me on. Ignore this — -Okay. -By the way, ignore that. -Okay. -Pay that no…

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Street Magic: A Two- Card Trick

How’s your memory Molly? Urm, it’s pretty good. Pretty good? I’m gonna test it out, these were the Jokers right? Do you remember what was on the face of the Jokers? A joker, right? No there wasn’t, there’s actually a king king riding a bicycle You see? Oh! So that wasn’t part of the trick…

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Illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown reveals the magic behind his creative process | Fast Company

– What I try and do is come up with something that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, you don’t quite get it at a play, you don’t get it at a magic show. I really try and come up with something that’s unique and also that over-delivers, to give you more than you were expecting….

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See magician Franco Pascali show off a spooky trick

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Sunglasses Magic Trick

Can I borrow your sunglasses? These are kind of funky They suit me? What do you reckon? Are these, are they expensive? A bit… it will be fine. Let me just move this slightly This is going to be a bit weird. This is more science so you just get some static electricity like this…

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Magician Derren Brown Guesses Jimmy’s Crush and Hypnotizes Questlove

-We are joined right now by a very talented man. He is a psychological illusionist. His new show “Derren Brown: Secret” is currently playing on Broadway at the Court Theater. Please welcome Derren Brown! ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -No, no, don’t — -No, I would know — I’m not touching you. I don’t…

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Amazing card trick with Invisible deck of cards | Street magic

How the hell did you do that? That’s so freaky! That is so sick! OH my God! hahaha How’s your imagination? uuuh, pretty vivid. I think Pretty vivid haha, I don’t think I’m going to ask anything about that. Ok, I want you to, I want you to imagine I’ve got a pack of cards,…

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Top 10 Greatest Magicians Of All Time

10 Greatest Magicians Of All Time Magic has kept humans captivated for centuries and there seems to be no slowing down! From card tricks to escapology, every form of magic is mesmerizing in its own right. A lot has changed in the field of magic over the years with the introduction of new technology but…

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PERFECT Mind-Reading Trick Explained! (Mentalism Tutorial)

– Yo! What is up, guys? Chris Ramsay here, and welcome back. (coughs) Today, I’m gonna teach you something really, really cool. This is a mentalism effect, basically a mind reading effect, how you can predict, correctly predict, the name of a city, the name someone is thinking of, a number, playing card, anything at…

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