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Disney Magic: Cabana’s Buffet Food Tour

We sailed on the Disney Magic for five nights in December of 2019. The Cabana’s Restaurant is located on Deck 9 Aft, toward the back of the ship. The restaurant serves a buffet for breakfast and lunch, and features table-service dining for dinner each night. For breakfast, the buffet offers standard American breakfast fare, made-to-order…

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රස තුනකින් කන්න මැජික් කස්ටඩ් කේක් – Magic Custard Cake (Sinhala)

Magic Custard Cake is our today’s recipe For this cake first we need to seperate egg whites from yolks Mix sugar and butter with egg yolks until smooth Now add lemon zest into this Then add vanilla Then gradually add flour and mix until well blended After adding all flour add milk and continue mixing…

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Orange peeling Trick

Today, I’m gonna show you a great way to peel and serve an orange Start by taking a knife, and slice just through the skin all the way around the middle, like this Next, we need to take a large spoon; carefully push it in just underneath the skin and slowly work your way around,…

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Disney Magic: Main Dining Rooms Food Tour (Lumiere’s, Animator’s Palate, Rapunzel’s Royal Table)

We sailed on the Disney Magic for five nights in December of 2019. Each night, we joined our tablemates and waitstaff for Disney’s unique Rotational Dining Experience. Our first night, we dined at Rapunzel’s Royal Table, which has decor and food themed after the Disney movie “Tangled.” The restaurant is located on Deck 3 aft…

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Hi guys how it going welcome to my virgin kitchen its Becky here I hope you are well today. Im going to show you how to make this amazing blueberry magic cake. Now magic cake you might be thinking what is a magic cake is a rabbit going to jump out of a hat or…

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Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?

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Melting Chocolate Cake for All?! Zebra Dessert? Magic Brownies ✨Chocolate & Banana Cakes?

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Behind the Counter At DŌ (Edible Cookie Dough) | Food Network

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Magic Chocolate Lava Cake by ANN REARDON HowToCookThat

Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I am ANN REARDON This week we are making a dessert inspired by chef Peter Gilmores Chocolate dessert, his dessert has 8 textures but we are going to simplify that today and turn this impressive dessert into one that is quick and easy to make. To start with we’re…

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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon and I’ve had requests this week to show you how to make a magic chocolate flower dessert. This dessert is inspired by photos of one you sent me one made by Pastry Chef Joaquim Sousa in Portugal. Firstly you need something to go in the…

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