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Perception Magic | The FRONT | Mike Phillips / Motivation / Sales Training / Leadership

hey tonight we are gonna talk about some perception magic right now on the front thanks for tuning in to leave the Teebs the fraud hello everyone welcome to another episode of the front my name is Mike Phillips and I will be your host as always please check out lead the team TV that’s…

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Visual Studio Online: A look at the future of developer productivity and | BRK2075

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RailsConf 2014 – Ultra Light and Maintainable Rails Wizards by Andy Maleh

ANDY MALEH: Sorry everybody. I lost the slides. I had to reconstruct them right now. Right, like in ten minutes. Ultra light and maintainable Rails wizards. Who has written a wizard in their lifetime? OK. It’s, it’s almost like the most common web use case, yet it’s the least under, under-valued with regards to providing…

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6 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You IMMEDIATELY

We don’t always realize it but it is often in very small moments that people decide whether they like us or whether they don’t and that is why in this video, I want to give you 6 things that you can use to make people like you immediately. Starting with the first one, a very…

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Les Brown Motivation – The Magic of Believing

yeah is to take the brave look at your life look at your life right now where it is so let me ask you some questions as you begin to look out on the future lookout and owned this year let’s take personal inventory what has brought you here as you begin to look at…

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Activists rally for more ‘inclusive’ development ahead of Magic City vote

Little Haiti is not for sale.>>Little Haiti is not for sale.>>Tragic City, you must fail.>>Tragic City, you must fail.>>Little Haiti.>>Four people, only four people spoke in favor of Magic City. One of them was the consultant for the development, his friend, and then another person, community leader. The community called them dealers, who spoke in…

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The magic of QR codes in the classroom – Karen Mensing

As most of you know, QR code stands for quick response code, and it’s a two-dimensional bar code that holds a good deal more information than a traditional bar code. They originated in Japan at the Toyota factory to track the manufacturing of car parts. Since then, they’ve taken off in popularity, and you’ll see…

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