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Magician Justin Willman Teaches Jimmy a Trick to Make Soda Disappear with His Mind

-How is it going? What are we doing tonight? -So, I love watching you watch magic, right? But I see that a lot. I rarely get to see you do magic. So I wanted to teach you a trick, if that would be cool. -I would love to. -Good idea? -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause…

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槍擊潑辣 Guntzepaula || Magic Man || Official Music Video

They call me magic man I got some trick in my hand Houdini is my big fan Let me show you how to see it Who wanna disappear You got to call my name Who wanna disappear You got to call my name Magic man Good evening everyone We are Guntzepaula Came from Taipei, Taiwan…

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Is Magic Real?

Do you believe in magic? I’ve heard a lot of talk about magic recently and…is it real; is it not? First, let’s clear up a few things. There are different types of magic. People say magicians do magic. I will clear that up now. Magicians do not do magic, they do illusions. I happen to…

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Vanishing Coin | Brain Magic

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Shin Lim Makes Pieces of a Card Disappear and Reappear for Jimmy and Questlove

-We are joined right now by an incredible young magician. He is a two-time winner of “America’s Got Talent.” And now he has his own Las Vegas residency at the mirage called “Limitless.” Give it up for Shin Lim! [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you. Alright, Quest, do you mind helping me…

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Office Magic Tricks : Magic Pen & Coin Trick

Hi! I’m Greg from Expert Village, and I’m going to show you some easy to do magic tricks that you can perform at work. The coin in the pen cap. This is a fantastic way of making anything small visually vanish. What we’re going to do is put the coin in the palm of your…

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Where Did We Go? What Happened? Magic Spell Book Episode 4 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

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Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks : Tips for Distracting Magician Audience

Hi, I?m Doug on behalf of ExpertVillage.com. Let’s talk about patter. How much should you use patter as distraction? Patter is very important. It’s what you say, is what patter is. How you say it, what you’re emphasizing. In the coin trick or the French Drop, you never want to forewarn the people what you…

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We Made Our Parents DiSAPPEAR! Magic Spell Book Episode 3 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

(dramatic music) – [Dad] Look as soon it touches it starts turning green There it is, it’s green again. – [Daughter] I don’t know – [Dad] And it’s off – [Daughter] There’s like nothing else. I don’t know, I’m stumped (gasping) Dad, dad! – [Dad] What just happened? (laughing) Look at this! – [Daughter] Dad…

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Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks : How to Do Focus Magic Trick

Hi, this is Doug on behalf of expertvillage.com. What we’re going over today is sleight of hand. Particularly the Pinch vanish with a coin or another small object. We’ve gone over the placement of the object at the tip of the hands. The hand placement where the object will fall into, the other hand will…

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