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The Naked Painter Shows Off His Huge… Talent | Got Talent Global

(Clapping) hello sir hello what are you called I am Brent Rey Fraser, the naked painter! (music starts playing) (Gasping) (Laughter) (Laughs) I want to keep it!

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This is the “Carrilla” tapas This is a speciality dish from here Is made with iberian pork is stewed with potatoes in an orange wine marinade This is spinach with chick peas The spinach is cooked with the chickpeas Then a “Majao” is added to the pot this is our signature dish of the restaurant…

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Just Add Magic Season 3 – Official Trailer | Prime Video Kids

Excuse me. Who are you? Your grandma! Don’t let this psych you out, but magic is real. ♪ I’m not missing another chance to time-travel. We’re in 1975. Ten-dollar vintage jeans? Technically, they’re not vintage yet. ♪ The night-blooming plants are gone. But we’re the only ones who remember magic. There must be someone else…

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