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Magic Tub & Tile Spray-On Refinishing Kit

In this video, you’ll learn how to turn your peeling, discolored, old tub into a freshly painted, refinished tub. Prepping properly is critical to achieving a beautiful, lasting finish. We’ll cover some of the key steps in this video, but please consult the instruction manual for the full details and list of materials. All of…

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Introducing the defending DIY world champion! Fighting out of the the blue corner invincible Slick Slime Sam! His opponent fighting out of the red corner, the most loyal pet human! A girl with perfect manicures! Cutie Sue! Cutie Sue,you ready? Ready! And Slime Sam always is! Ready is my middle name! Each of us has…

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How to Make an Optical Illusion Ring

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10 Tips & Tricks For Decorating Your Dorm Room

– Oh my God! – Hey everybody, I’m Ashley and today I’m gonna walk you through ten tips and tricks for decorating your dorm room. I’m headed over to NYU where Yumi is a senior RA. She reached out to me on Instagram, told me she was moving into her dorm room and could really…

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Playing Cards Wizard

Hi I’m Nash, producer from Iluzija Animation Studio Although this project doesn’t have anything to do with animation we had the opportunity during one of our projects, to create a custom deck playing cards. So our illustrator created images for the kings, queens etc. and our designer prepared signs, numbers, letters and all necessary elements….

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How to make paper transforming diamond | paper box transfomer | origami magic box

Paper Transforming Diamond, Easy Origami for Kids – Easy Peasy and Fun

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Frameless Shower Door Install – Inline Panel / Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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DIY illuminated wizard’s staff

when the flow of magic, escapes freely from the vail of life those who awaken by its power , stir and make their presence known there’s always room for a little magic in our lives especially this close to halloween last year we made a wizard’s costume and I promised you I’d make a better…

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Bets You’ll Always Win! Back To School Pranks! Teacher Edition!

Class you know, there are 30,000 species of fish in the world and that’s only the ones we know of isn’t that interesting miss? Yes Wengie. Have you ever heard of the matchstick fish? That doesn’t sound like a real fish Wengie here I’ll show you okay fine. What is it? Tada the matchstick fish…

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