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Frameless Shower Door Install – Inline Panel / Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

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DIY illuminated wizard’s staff

when the flow of magic, escapes freely from the vail of life those who awaken by its power , stir and make their presence known there’s always room for a little magic in our lives especially this close to halloween last year we made a wizard’s costume and I promised you I’d make a better…

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Bets You’ll Always Win! Back To School Pranks! Teacher Edition!

Class you know, there are 30,000 species of fish in the world and that’s only the ones we know of isn’t that interesting miss? Yes Wengie. Have you ever heard of the matchstick fish? That doesn’t sound like a real fish Wengie here I’ll show you okay fine. What is it? Tada the matchstick fish…

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Balancing Matchstick Trick

Good morning my friends! I’m back today with a cool little trick that traces back to my childhood. Now a lot of you have probably seen this done before, I’m doing this video for those of you who haven’t. It’s really simple , it’s really fun, and honestly it’s something you can go try right…

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DIY crafts – DIY project ideas endless card. How to make magic card / DIY beauty and easy

ENDLESS CARD WITHOUT GLUING (tutorial). ORIGAMI ENDLESS CARD. DIY CARD. How to make – Waterfall Card Tutorial Never Ending Card/Endless Card Tutorial DIY MAGIC CARD. HOW TO MAKE MAGIC CARD. Hello friends! In this video, how to do a magic card. This card can give endless. The idea for needlework and craft paper. We will…

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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] In today’s video, we are revisiting our hydrophobic sand, In today’s video, we are revisiting our hydrophobic sand, trying to make it even more waterproof than before, and using a variety of bright vibrant colors. [Music] A while back, we did a few experiments trying to find a…

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How to Do the Prank Envelope Magic Trick!

you’re rolling alright not yet the ecstasy hasn’t kicked in yet then I would be rolling do you have money yeah let me have a buck yeah buck just one buck yeah one dollar ding get coffee with this thanks sure aha hold this I have an idea so when I was little my mom…

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DIY MAGIC CARD | Valentine’s day

cardboard acetate glue or double-sided tape permanent marker

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Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

– I’ve got 5000. – I’ve got 5000. – And whoever makes the best DIY prank wins $10,000, right now, let’s go! New challenge you have to try the exploding milk jug prank. Boom alright, milk carton’s emptied out, that’s step number one. Next step, got the balloon here so here we go. (blowing air)…

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