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A ChrisFNAF Carol – Part 2 – Christmas special! [Tony Crynight]

The intro gets better and better everytime you watch it, doesn’t it? I realize only now that this eye shape is a bit… odd… A purple rabbit-ghost with a flame over his head is smiling at me… Nooooothing’s wrong here… “Freddy, you definitely must read Jack Ketchum’s last book! It’s so fun!” “Jeez, Bon, you…

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How to Teach the Give Paw Trick | Dog Training

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Subway Skirmish | (Ep 8, Pt 1) The Unsleeping City

– I don’t know how I caused that, okay? Your guess is as good as mine. – La Gran Gata appears on your shoulder. This is my chosen! Peter actively courts the darkness more than the light. – If things get out of hand, we put him down. – I lunge to grab the baby….

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The Problem With Pete | (Ep 7, Pt 2) The Unsleeping City

(dramatic electronic music) – She walks in to get a glass of water for you, she walks back in with the glass of water, and right behind her is Liz. – Oh, come on. (groans) – Liz Herrera walks in, she clearly knows who she’s going in to talk to so she has her game…

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The Problem With Pete | (Ep 7, Pt 1) The Unsleeping City

(dramatic music) – The umbral arcana is rent here. All of the tears in the umbral arcana here are connected to their puppet master, Pete. You feel the presence of insects, the buildings are covered in horrifying, gross webs, and you see a horrifying wasp centaur woman. The fist on your golden ring glows bright….

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Watch The Property Brothers Do Magic Tricks For Dogs | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You are a magician. Do you ever do tricks with your dogs? – Oh yeah, I’ve actually used them in, Gracie, so she’s a Chihuahua. She used to be really, really chubby, and you can do anything with her. Put her anywhere and she’ll just stay. – [Kelly] Oh! – She literally just sits…

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Magic Trick

yeah I guess I could work what did you forget what the shit have steamed ham what the hell yeah yeah I don’t care magic oh god damn it fine what all right pick your car fine memorize your car all right all right close your eyes open well well that’s a bummer another magic…

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Magic dog


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Metamorphosis magic trick explained by Fuxoft – České titulky!

hi and greetings to all my fans today it’s Christmas Day it’s not really Christmas day because I’m recording this before Christmas Day but you are watching it at Christmas Day so basically that means I talk from from the past to you in the future and now I will show you one of my…

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Battle of the Bugged Bodega! | (Ep 6, Pt 1) The Unsleeping City

– I wasn’t always a rat. (Lou gasping) – What? – My real name is Bruce. – Nod is the spirit of hope, and dreams, sometimes referred to as the monarch of the sixth borough. – What’s going on with Lazarus? – Emma Lazarus, she wrote the poem inscribed in that woman’s book. You are…

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