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Learn Five Easy Magic Tricks for Kids – Vanish, Money, Levitation and More

In this video I’m going to teach you some simple magic tricks that are great for kids to learn and perform. The tricks are all very simple and easy to learn and they only require household items. We’re going to show you the tricks first and then we’ll show you how to do them. For…

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Magician Can Hypnotize You Thru YouTube – Freaky Hypnosis!

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How to Do the Pencil thru Dollar Trick | Magic Tricks

Male: Hey, have you any money on you, like a bill, a high bill? Female: Are you going to give it back? Male: Yes. I’ll try. Oh, wow. High roller. Okay, hold your for a second. You’ve seen on T.V. where they cut a lady in half and stuff like that, right? Female: Yes. Male:…

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