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24 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies The Affect Heuristic

24 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies: The Affect Heuristic The Misconception: You calculate what is risky or rewarding and always choose to maximize gains while minimizing losses. The Truth: You depend on emotions to tell you if something is good or bad, greatly overestimate rewards, and tend to stick to your first impressions. Example: Back to…

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17 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies The Ad Hominem Fallacy

17 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies: The Ad Hominem Fallacy The Misconception: If you can’t trust someone, you should ignore that person’s claims. The Truth: What someone says and why they say it should be judged separately. Example: Clearly not related to magic the gathering finance at all…. Many times my speculation will be attacked not…

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MTG Counterfeits, The End of My Crusade

MTG Counterfeits, a Crusade of One I have all the pieces with supporting evidence. I have the counterfeit buyers’ side, WotC’s side, and most importantly Delson’s side. To the counterfeit buyers… can you put a lion mane on my meme? Delson is playing all of you. Most of you are in high school and my…

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2 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies Confabulation

2 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies: Confabulation. The Misconception: You know when you are lying to yourself. The Truth: You are often ignorant of your motivations and create fictional narratives to explain your decisions, emotions, and history without realizing it. Example: Saying you are good at magic the gathering finance. Everyone mentions all the great speculations…

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10 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies The Bystander Effect

10 MTG Finance Logical Fallacies: The Bystander Effect. The Misconception: When someone is hurt, people rush to their aid. The Truth: The more people who witness a person in distress, the less likely it is that any one person will help. Example: Oh baby sharks. When a lot of people are in a store, sharking…

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4 Tips to Gain Magic the Gathering Youtube Subscribers

4 Tips to Gains Subs 1) Understand what your channel is about. Do you present news? Do you open packs? Do you speculate? Do you trade? Do you do deck techs? Focus on one area and expand. For me that was mtg finance. I do other stuff, but my subscribers have come accustomed to expecting…

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Is Buying MTG Booster Pack Worth it?

Is it worth it to buy a magic the gathering booster pack? The answer depends largely on what booster pack. New Phyrexia cards are on fire right now. The set has several high value cards and a twenty dollar foil common. If you brought a pack for four dollars when the set first came out,…

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$8.98 Magic Commander Decks on Sale at Targets Everywhere!!!

Hi my baby lions. I’m so happy to be part of this community that is so willing to help each other. I’m very proud of my subscriber base and blessed to have you guys. My roar will always be loud and proud. MTG Lion, I was recently made aware of some of the 2013 commander…

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Why Be Kind to Other Magic Players?

Why a Little Kindness Goes a Long Way in Magic? There is a discussion on reddit titled White Knights and Neckbeards – On Growing Up and Hostility to Women. I will focus on one statement the author made: “Why would you want to perpetuate the stereotype that Magic players are neckbearded, 28-year-old virgins with lisps…

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COMO JOGAR MAGIC THE GATHERING – Entendendo os turnos, terrenos, mágicas e combate no MTG – Ep.2

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