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The Lore of Heroes of Might and Magic III – Dracon the Wizard

Dracon the Wizard is the last recorded Dragon Slayer of Antagarich, a distinction of great honor that only the elite of heroes would ever dream of. Still, even though his mission was met with great success, it didn’t fill the emptiness in his heart. Dracon was the son of a famous Bracadan dragon slayer. In…

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CGRundertow LEGACY OF THE WIZARD for NES Video Game Review

Back in my review of Castlequest, I used the Legend of Zelda as a kind of yardstick for world size, based on number of screens. The overworld map in Zelda: 128 screens. The castle in Castlequest: 200 screens. And not to be outdone, Legacy of the Wizard clocks in at an immense 256 screens, 16…

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