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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

♪ -Musical genre challenge ♪ -All right, now here’s how it works, okay? We’re gonna take turns hitting this button here, which activates the Random Genre Generator. Or Random Jenre Jenerator. [ Laughter ] It will land on one random song title and one random musical genre. Whoever’s turn it is has to sing that…

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Future – Mask Off (Official Music Video)

[intense music playing] ♪ Mask on, fuck it, mask off ♪ ♪ Mask on… ♪ [music slowing down] ♪ Fuck it, mask off ♪ [grave piano music playing] [distant explosions] [intense music playing] [firecrackers exploding] [wind chimes tinkling] [men shouting indistinctly] -[gunshots firing] -[woman screaming] [police siren wailing in the distance] [dogs barking] [“Mask Off”…

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Toronto Raptors – Magic Trick to Inspire – WE THE NORTH!

Hey there my name is Derek Selinger and I am a professional magician as well as a Toronto Raptors fan. So in honour of the upcoming Raptors playoff hopes and what we hope will be playoff magic I thought that I would perform a little bit of magic of my own. Now I realize that…

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