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Character Design & The Illusion Of Life :: With James Woods

Who are you? Where are you right now? Are you at work? …at play? Alone? …in a crowd? Are you in motion? …at rest? How’s your hair? What are you wearing? Who are you? Is there more to you than what other people see? Character Design is a fundamental aspect of Visual Storytelling. …but there’s…

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✨ Cuda z MAGICZNYCH kredek ✨

♫ intro ♫ Hi everyone! Have you ever had this feeling when you find a product on the internet and it makes you want to have it so much. For me, this often happens with accessories for drawing. I order and literally… …I can’t stop my excited feet… When it arrives… (doorbell sound) …I open…

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“Wizard Swears” -MBMBAM Animatic

What is your favourite wizard swear? ooh~ What is your favourite… wizard swear? I- Um… What- Is there any context to the question, Griffin? * + Of course not. + * *Travis laughing* Oh… I think I really like fuck. *Wheeze* *Griffin laughing* Ah, fuck! My spell fucked up!! *Travis wheezing and laughing* My fucking…

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How to Draw a Hole in Paper: 3D Narrated Trick Art

Hello and welcome to my new Circle Line Art School video, in this drawing I’ll show you how to draw a hole, step by step, the first step in this drawing is draw a zigzag shape on your page, with the larger points towards the top of the page away from you, the zigzag shape…

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How to Draw The Impossible Triangle with 3d Cubes: Optical Illusion

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I will show you one way, a simple way, to draw the impossible triangle out of cubes, first draw a simple diamond shape, it needs to be wider than it is high and the diagonal lines need to be parallel to each other,…

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AutoCAD Mechanical 2014: Extraction Template Wizard

This time I want to run you through the Extraction Template command. In a previous video I mentioned that this command launched a wizard. And that it gets me point to various elements of a typical drawing. So the very first thing I must do is to choose a typical drawing. So let me explore…

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The Illusion of Depth – Perspective, Details and Overlapping Forms

Last time we learned how to use color to create the illusion of depth. Now let’s explore various concepts of shape. The most familiar way of indicating depth for most of us is perspective. You have converging diagonal lines, foreshortening of forms, overlapping shapes, and scale. With all of these principles of perspective we are…

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How to Draw Clash Royale | Ice Wizard

hey everyone and welcome to the club today i’ll be showing you how to draw an ice wizard from Clash Royale. let’s start with the eye all that will occur from the outside of the actually down in the inside starting up your you up and we’ll just pull it down a little bit further…

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You Can’t See This (MIND TRICKS)

Your eyes help you see the world. But you can’t see this dot No, seriously! If you close your left eye, stare at this cross here with your right eye and slowly move your head towards or away from the screen, the dot will disappear. Revealing the exact location of your blind spot. The cells…

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Step Inside Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with Virtual Reality! | Art Attack Master Works

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