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Akira and Walker vs. An Evil Nutcracker! #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Announcer] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. – Okay, let’s go over this. We’ve got a magical deck of cards with clues to help find the infamous reindeer wand, but it turns out the wand is guarded by an evil nutcracker. – And we have to outsmart this nutcracker if we want…

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In Theaters Now: Abominable | Weekend Ticket

– New in theaters this weekend, Abominable. What will you see? This is your Weekend Ticket. (energetic music) – Aah, Nai Nai! – You need to spend more time here with your family! – Ow! – Where are you going? – Be back before dinner. – Be careful out there! – No boys! – Got…

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Flying Barbie Trick #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Announcer] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. (festive music) – Thanks for taking me to Universal Studios, Akira. – Yeah, maybe clearing my head will help with these handcuffs. I’ve been at this trick for hours. – I’ve got the key right here. – I don’t want your help. I want to…

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– [Narrator] Welcome to Princess Alliance Powerful Kids, where some of the best young stars this side of Etheria prove that they’re the real life talent to join the ranks of She-Ra’s Princess Alliance on Netflix’s “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”. Just like Glimmer of the Princess Alliance, today’s magical rebel has the skill…

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Magical Left Overs Trick | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Hello and welcome to “Junk Drawer Magic.” – Where we teach you magic out of things you can find in your junk drawer. – And today is the most wonderful time of the year, Thanksgiving. – Why do you love Thanksgiving so much? – What’s not to love? The tradition, the meals, the magical…

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Santa’s Wishlist | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

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Helping a Farting Wizard in Minecraft | IDAHO JEFF

Wow another great day for an adventure and I get to spend it with my sidekick sherry that’s me and my arch-nemesis Vincent Vaughn Vaughn’s that is me why is he here again because he’s my arch-nemesis and my friend mine um a friend or my friend emesis just to be clear we are not…

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Best Bloody Tricks of 2019 | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

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Instant Halloween Costume | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Happy Halloween! And welcome to “Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic tricks with the things you find in your junk drawer. – Happy Halloween, everyone. – What is this? – I dressed as my favorite holiday. I’m a Thanksgiving turkey. – That’s a chicken costume. – No, it’s not! The guy said…

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“Can’t Stop The Feeling!” Official Movie Clip | TROLLS

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