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World’s 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #3 | Dynamo | America’s Got Talent | FactoFusion

As kids, we all have grown up watching all kinds of magic and illusions The magicians have their secrets which they never share, and that’s what makes their magic shows a treat to watch! May be as a child, we were too involved in the magic and didn’t cared much about the secrets But not…

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Instant Changing Card Magic Trick

Magic is here, baby :3

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World’s 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #4 | Dynamo | David Blaine | BGT | FactoFusion

One of the biggest rule of being a magician is – not to reveal the secrets That’s the reason that many great magicians have come and gone, but their magic still remains a mystery to most of us But not anymore. So, be it Dynamo’s famous fish from bucket trick or Darcy Oake’s Dove and…

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World’s 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #6 | America’s Got Talent | Michael Jackson

Magic is all about defying the rules of reality and making us believe into something that can never be into existence. So be it the calculator trick that amazed Steve Harvey and his audience, or Dynamo’s simple coin through table trick. Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, We are back to reveal some of the…

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Crazy Magic Trick With Pen and Card

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