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Hip Hop Magic (Street magic show) Eps- 3 ON USA

Hello watch the Rubik’s Cube I phone here yes I’ve got a balloon here watch I’m gonna take it oh my god those are fish the pen watch I’m gonna put it inside the napkin look boom god I have a glass bottle and a cap watch know what the heck Rubik’s Cube so take…

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Easy Simple Card Magic for Kids by Magic Glen. The Four Ace Card Trick

The full ace trick Take a pack of cards and cut it in half Then this pile cut in half again and also do the same to this pile and place it to the side You now have one two three four piles Take the first pile and count. One two three Cards underneath and…

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5 Levitations Anyone Can Do – Learn Easy Magic Tricks to Levitate Cards, Pens and More

If you want to levitate objects, you’ve come to the right place. Hello everyone. In this video I’m going to teach you how to levitate objects and all of the tricks only require items that you should have around the house. We’re going to first show you the tricks and then we’ll show you how…

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FOOL Everyone With These 5 Pen Tricks!!

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So, you want to amaze your friends or people around, I mean, completely blow their minds. You wanna make them say “What the hell?” and know, that 98% of them are not going to be able to do anything so simple and complicated at the same time ever. I often use this trick whenever I…

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– [Robby] Hey guys, how ya doing? My name is Robby, and today. What’s that behind your ear? Oh my gosh! it’s a British 5 dollar bill. I guess that’s what it’s called, I don’t really know. Thank you so much to who ever sent this to my P.O. box, I really appreciate it. If…

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Learn Five Easy Magic Tricks for Kids – Vanish, Money, Levitation and More

In this video I’m going to teach you some simple magic tricks that are great for kids to learn and perform. The tricks are all very simple and easy to learn and they only require household items. We’re going to show you the tricks first and then we’ll show you how to do them. For…

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Insanely Easy Card Trick- Trick Friends Even When You’re DRUNK!

This week on Scam School, a card trick that will fool yourself and your drunken friends. Leave me alone. I’m in hiding. [MUSIC PLAYING] This episode featuring zero disintegrations brought you by Carbonite. I am here to do two things– drink beer and perform card tricks. And I’m all out of beer. Welcome to Scam…

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Welcome To MagicTricks.com Says Owner Peter Monticup

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Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!

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