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– [Robby] Hey guys, how ya doing? My name is Robby, and today. What’s that behind your ear? Oh my gosh! it’s a British 5 dollar bill. I guess that’s what it’s called, I don’t really know. Thank you so much to who ever sent this to my P.O. box, I really appreciate it. If…

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Learn Five Easy Magic Tricks for Kids – Vanish, Money, Levitation and More

In this video I’m going to teach you some simple magic tricks that are great for kids to learn and perform. The tricks are all very simple and easy to learn and they only require household items. We’re going to show you the tricks first and then we’ll show you how to do them. For…

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Insanely Easy Card Trick- Trick Friends Even When You’re DRUNK!

This week on Scam School, a card trick that will fool yourself and your drunken friends. Leave me alone. I’m in hiding. [MUSIC PLAYING] This episode featuring zero disintegrations brought you by Carbonite. I am here to do two things– drink beer and perform card tricks. And I’m all out of beer. Welcome to Scam…

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Welcome To MagicTricks.com Says Owner Peter Monticup

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Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Lock Puzzle!!

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2$ Deck of Cards vs 200$ Deck of Cards!!

Yo what’s going on. Welcome back. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the difference between a $200 deck of cards and a $2 deck of cards. Now it’s important to note that when I purchased these, they were not $200. These Virtuoso playing cards These are the first launch edition Virtuoso playing…

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How to Magic Tricks Easy, Simple Trick For Under 5’s Kids by Brisbane Magic Glen.

Now every magician she’d have a magic wand can do some great tricks with magic wands now watch closely Brother one on your sleeve create static electricity Come on placed on your hand the wand Now sticks to your hand Remember every magician must have a magic wand the magic wand trick Now the explanation…

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How to Do the Magic Coloring Book Trick

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FORCE ANY CARD!!! – 3 Easy Ways to Force a Playing card

(electronic music) – Yo what’s up guys, Chris Ramsey here and welcome back. Today, guys, I’m in New York, I’m sat here in Brooklyn with my buddy Brian. Thanks Brian, by the way, he’s hooking up the sweet visuals on the videos. Today we’re gonna teach you something really exciting. I went out and shot…

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