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“Unicorn Wizard” – NINJA SEX PARTY Metal Cover | Feat. Victor The Guitar Nerd

Sometimes I wish I was even more awesome than I already am. What would my life be like if I turned that shit up to eleven (out of a possible five)? Riding straight out of your imagination Using my magic to fight against crime Destroying evil with powers most awesome Protecting the weak almost all…

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Game Grumps Animated – Ren Faire Wizards – by Willoughby

(GAME GRUMPS INTRO) [Dan sighs] DAN: I’ve… DAN: I did not go to the Ren Faire this year. ARIN: I know. DAN: I’m happy about it. ARIN: Neither did I. ARIN: Dude, you know, I love the Ren Faire. I fucking love the Ren Faire. DAN: Me too. ARIN: I don’t like heatstroke. DAN: That,…

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