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Longest Giant Magic Tracks Toy Car Chase Over Hot Tub!

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Electric Wizard Satanic Rites of Drugula (subtitulado al español)

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jack strify • ILLUSION

the the My name is Jack Strify and I am a singer, I am an artist and I am a performer. People often ask me why I look the way I look but I don’t really think about it because it just comes from a very natural place. I look the way I feel. I’ve…

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Dragonette – Magic Fantastic [with lyrics and/or subtitles]

Electric fantastic Electric fantastic Electric fantastic Electric fantastic Alright! The kids got the radio blasting I’m on the sidewalk sweating The girls know how to move to the music I wanna get Into it And it’s getting hot in the city Everyone’s wet and sticky I don’t mind the heat when the beat is Getting…

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A Pinker Tomorrow | Pink Panther and Pals

(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (air blows) (alarm clock rings) (electric static) (birds chirp) YAHOO! (laughing) (heroic music) ♪ ♪ (machine computes, whirs) (evil chuckles) (maniacal laughter) (alarm rings) (ripping) (crumbling) (cheers and applause) (buzzer sounds) (grumbles) (electric whirring, grumbles) (suction noise) (electric whirring) (grumbles) OH! (chuckles) MM. (evil giggling) OOH, WHOO-HOO! (laughing) (cheers and…

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The Electric Deck of Cards

This looks like a deck of cards, it feels like a deck of cards, and it even handles like a deck of cards. But this little gadget has a very shocking secret. In this project, you’ll see how Stuart Edge, was able to give these lucky ladies, an electrifying first kiss. For this project, we’re…

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