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Nomad of Nowhere: Episode 10 – The Witch and The Knight | Rooster Teeth

*clap clap* My word, it worked! What is it, Papa? Why, it’s your new friend, Melinda. The scarecrow? He watches over our fields, doesn’t he? He can watch over you too. Why? You’re telling me you don’t want your very own magical friend? You said we weren’t supposed to use magic. Well… it doesn’t hurt…

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Camp Camp: Episode 10 – Mind Freakers | Rooster Teeth

♪ ♪ So, Nikki… was THIS your card? [Gasps] Oh my gosh! How did you know! The answer is simple. It’s magic! Tada. Of course! It makes perfect sense! [Cheering] Hey, Space Kid, what’s going on? Harrison is doing MAGIC. He’s incredible. Pssh. “Magic”. Come on, Space Kid, I expected better from you. There’s no…

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