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Jon Dorenbos’ Mind-Blowing Magic

I was so blown away by our next guest the last time he was here that I got him back here as soon as I could possibly get him back here. From the Philadelphia Eagles, please welcome the magician John Dorenbos.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Congratulations, so you won, you beat the Falcons on Sunday- >>Yeah, that’s a good…

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Magician Luca Gallone’s Gum Trick Will Leave You Stunned

If you’re a magician with over 300 million views online, chances are you’re going to end up on my show, no matter how far away you live. From London, England please welcome Luca Gallone. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) The magic, magic, magic. Magic, magic, magic. Baby magic, magic, magic. Gallone, right? Yeah, Gallone. All right….

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Kid Magician Aidan McCann Is Incredible

So nice to meet you. I saw your video. You’re really, really good. Thank you. Yeah. And you’re from Ireland. And this is your first time in L.A.? Yes. Yeah how do you like it? I love it though it was an 11th hour flight. Yeah. Our hotel is huge though, like it has 24…

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