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Sarah Paulson Touched Adele’s Magical Voice Box

I’m scared. Oh my god. Can I open it up? Yes, there’s nothing in here. There’s nobody in there. You guys know what they like to do to me, right? Oh, god. Oh my god. You did it to yourself. Now I’m scared. I know and you just screamed for no reason. I did scream…

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Jon Dorenbos Maps Out an Incredible Magic Trick!

Hi! Awesome. How are you? How are you feeling? Oh, man. Great day to be alive, huh? It is! Yes! Yeah, wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. You look good. Thank you. You look good. You look amazing as always. Thank you so much. I’d like to know what’s going to happen, so– I’m ready to rock. What…

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Jon Dorenbos Is Back with Two Amazing Magic Tricks

Hi. We’re alive, baby. Hi. We’re alive. Great to see you. You’re looking good. You look really good. How many weeks has it been? I think five months. Five months. Five months, yeah. Wow. That’s September. So yeah. You look good. Thank you. All right, so I understand the Philadelphia Eagles, since they won the…

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Neil Patrick Harris’ Magic Trick Blows Ellen’s Mind

This book right here, The Magic Misfits, tell everybody what this is about, and where it’s going. Yeah. So I wrote a book for– a middle grade book for kids 8, 9, up to 89. It follows a group of kids who love magic, and they wind up– this boy Carter winds up in a…

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Neil Patrick Harris and a Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Everyone knows I love magic. And these illusionists just won Glendale Community College’s Tournament of Magic. Please welcome Claude and Lisa. [MUSIC – THE STARTING LINE, “NOTHING’S GONNA STOP US NOW”] (SINGING) Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise. This world that I found is too good to be true. Standing here beside you,…

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Lea Michele and Mel B Impressed with Magic Tricks by Magician Jon Dorenbos

Are you ready? You’re coming on Ellen! Oh, hi! You guys stand right here. OK. Hello. Everybody stand in line. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Now here’s the deal. What’s your name? Crystal. What’s your name? Brittany. Brittany. Lea. Mel B. It’s your dream come true. You’re on Ellen right now, and you guys are going…

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Rubik’s Cube Magician Paul Vu Makes Ellen a Work of Art

I’ve heard wonderful things about you. And I have not seen anything. I like to be surprised with the audience. Awesome. Awesome. So I am a social media magician. And what that means is I influence people as well as entertain people in a positive light. So I want to try that with two Rubik’s…

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Magician Luca Gallone’s Gum Trick Will Leave You Stunned

If you’re a magician with over 300 million views online, chances are you’re going to end up on my show, no matter how far away you live. From London, England please welcome Luca Gallone. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) The magic, magic, magic. Magic, magic, magic. Baby magic, magic, magic. Gallone, right? Yeah, Gallone. All right….

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Kid Magician Issy Simpson Shows Off Her Tricks

Well, Izzy, how are you? Very good, thank you. How are you? I am good. Thank you for asking. Wonderful. OK, so you are a magician. How long have you been into magic? I have been doing magic for about two years. And what inspired me was watching Harry Potter. But I was really young,…

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Jon Dorenbos’ iPhone Trick and Magical Gender Reveal

All right. Rock and roll. Rock and roll. Let’s do it. OK, here here’s the deal. I need to borrow a cell phone. So yours or tWitch’s? I don’t have a cell phone on me. tWitch, you have one? tWitch, you got your phone? Yeah, I got one. Yes, this is cool. tWitch, we gotta…

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