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Magic Tutorial : How To Do The Moving Ink Trick

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Magic Tutorial – BLIND

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Magic Tutorial – The best Torn and Restored Card Trick EVER – RIP

(dramatic music) – [Daniel Madison] The nine of clubs is torn into four pieces. Those four pieces are placed directly into the the participant’s hand. Before the participant has even covered those pieces, the playing card is completely restored. I am Daniel Madison. This is RIP. (dramatic music) Yes I can repeat myself. I would…

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Magic Tutorial – DELUSION Card Switch

(menacing music) (speaking in reverse) – I am Daniel Madison, and this is Delusion. (distorted voices echoing) (screen glitches) (chill music) (heavy trap music) I am Daniel Madison and this is Delusion. You take the nine of clubs, you show the nine of clubs before placing it facedown on your open hand. Then when you…

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Magic Tutorial – Mad Sandwich Load

(soft music) – A playing card is freely selected from the deck and signed by the participant. The magician removes the two red aces from the deck. He then loses the signed playing card into the deck of playing cards before shuffling them. The playing cards are placed aside and the two red aces are…

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Magic is my life. I love creating I love performing And I love hanging out with people who share the same passion as me which is why I linked up with my good buddy Chris oberle on a recent trip to California I Needed to get my beard trim so we decided to swing by…

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(blinds clacking together) – Yo yo yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pendrea here, back with another video. In this video, we have a few things going on, we have a few updates that I want to make you aware of, but also at the end of this video, I’m gonna show you a piece…

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CARDINI CHANGE – Color Change Tutorial (EASY)

– In today’s video, we are talking about one of the coolest color changes and one of the most popular color changes out there, and what better setting to teach a color change than with the changing of the leaves in fall, ah? See, I thought color changing leaves, color change. Let’s get into it….

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Learn The BEST Card Fan Control : MAGIC TUTORIAL (EASY)

– Yo, yo, yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pandrea here, back with another video. In today’s video we are talking about one of the first card controls that I ever learned, from one of the first magic books that I ever bought, if not probably the first magic book that I bought. It was…

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