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Who Are You? Pt. 2: The Illusion of Identity

In part one, I explained why you are not your body. Whatever true self is, it can’t be your body. If you haven’t watched part one, feel free to check that out. In this video I want to talk about the mental component of identity, the way that we use thoughts to define ourselves. We…

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Drukama Radio™ Ep51 – How the Mind Creates the Illusion of Bondage

Deliyahu: Hi everyone and welcome to Drukama radio. I’m your co-host today, Deliyahu, and we are very pleased to have Daishi with us again today. Daishi, might I ask how you doing? Daishi: I’m doing great, it’s good to hear your voice. I’m happy to do this show with you today. Let’s get into it….

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Are You Serving the Illusion of Separation? (Satsang)

get the long Mercury Mantra Mp3 at jasongallant.ca Om Bram Brim Broum Sah Buddhaya Namaha good time to talk about dark and light and you know this entire paradigm of polarities know that people get caught up in and everything I want to talk about this is because you know there are always a few…

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Magiškų galių paieškos atvedė pas Jėzų Kristų // Erikos istorija ( Magic To Jesus ENG sub )

Hello to all “Singing For Revival” viewers and listeners. And first of all glory to God that we are here with Erika today at her home. Thanks to Erika that she agreed to share her truth-seeking experience, her coming to Christ story how Jesus came into her life and how truth came into her life….

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The Difference between Black Magic and White Magic

Paramahamsa Nithyananda on The Difference between Black Magic and White Magic See Sadashiva, explains this whole science of enlightenment and manifesting the experience and powers. Let me give you the first understanding. No power is a power. It is only the confirmation of your oneness with that object. Listen, see for example if you are…

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Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge with making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach…

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🕉😀 The Illusion of Personal Identity / Suffering – Nonduality Teacher Lisa Cairns

So most people think that what I am talking about is incredibly complicated. And that it is something that you have got to understand or try hard to understand. But actually what I am speaking about is very simple. It’s just pointing to what is happening, and what is. And what IS isn’t happening for…

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Projections onto Spiritual Teachers–letting go of the illusion of perfection | nonduality

Jon Bernie: You know, as … I think it’s natural for us as human beings to want things from other people. I think that’s natural. So why wouldn’t a student want something from a spiritual teacher? And maybe hope that they could give it to them. You know, if you want to … I just…

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The illusion of identity

The Illusion of Identity Sometimes people say I’m not always conscious that I am this you see? Like, quite often, my attention goes and then I forget, that I am this. And it troubles them. They want to say: I want to be consciously conscious of who I am all the time. But when we…

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Grasping The Illusory Nature Of Thought

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