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Zero Density at VivaTech 2019 with Green Wizard

What does Green Wizard offer today at Vivatech from TF1 Media Lab booth? We have asked by TF1 to reconstruct their news set in a virtual set, a natural set. In order for the start-up partners and acquisitions of the TF1 Group can pitch their activities from a virtual news room environment. What is the…

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Magic Leap – Spatial Computing and the Future of Enterprise | SIGGRAPH 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Tricia: Alright! Hello, everybody. My name is Tricia Katz. I lead our developer evangelism team at Magic Leap, so I work with creators across the globe introducing spatial computing concepts and development on a variety of platforms, including Unreal Engine. If you have any questions after my presentation today on development, on enterprise, or just…

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