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Giant Magic Tracks MINI Electric Car Bridge at Night!!

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Hearthstone Funny Plays 267

FOR D-LARAN! (russian meme. This is first version of voiceover of archmage from Reforged, that sounds like old parody to young gay, but not like old mage. That’s fucking funny) look, he switched by himself look look! fucking look! look!! is it ok? ok? fucking hello hello, game… HELLO! HELLO hello! look what happens

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This Trick Defies Physics

BRANDON SCHMIDT: I don’t really know how to bail out at that point, so I pretty much just man up and hold it until I hit the ground with the bike fully backwards. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is British Schmidt, and my World First is the double backflip double tailwhip and I call it the…

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THE WIZARDS OF AUS || Episode 3 “Magic by Moonlight”

(sad piano music) (screams) – Well that’s rich! That is rich! And that it’s then, we’re just done? OK, throw it all the way, whatever. Is this about the money? Well, excuse me, princess. Excuse me that I wasn’t raised on a diet of jewels and gold and hay! (explosion) I bet he’s everything I’m…

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THE WIZARDS OF AUS || Episode 1 “Honk”

Nice of you to join us! Uh, wait what? You know we were doing just fine without you. Okay, I’ll just- I’ll just leave then, should I? You don’t want magic? Fuck you, you don’t want magic! It’s a fucking crazy battle! What are you doing? Focus! Don’t sass! Now, what sort of of a…

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R-Willy Lands Another Impossible BMX Trick

the trick clean mean that you have some history what’s up I’m Ryan Williams and my well first is a front-flip rock solid on BMX so front flip rub side is a combination of a front flip at a rough solid and a rock solid being where you go back to you see double grab…

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Blue-Eyes White Kanna vs. Dark Magician Tohru

Seto, don’t do this! Your mind has been clouded by darkness! Wrong! For the first time, everything is clear! Come forth, White Dragon! Urgh! Huh? I have no choice but to fight! I summon the Dark Magician! Prepare to feel the power of two generations in one attack! He’s right, Barrel. Their magic is twice…

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Next Level Magic Ember Spirit Dota2

Hey, guys, this is DATOHLEONG and in this video, I’ll going to be introducing a next-level ember build that takes aggression to the next level. This build is inspired by many really good ember players. On top of that, through many experimental games, I have further modified the build to improve the tankiness of the…

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The Hobbit (2014) – Clash of Immortals [4K]

GALADRIEL: If you try to stop me….. I will destroy you. SAURON; Shre nazg golugranu kilmi-nudu (Three for the Elven-kings under the sky) Ombi kuzddurbagu gundum-ishi (Seven for the Dwarf lords in their halls of stone) GALADRIEL: Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die. SAURON: Dunni kan markhan (You cannot fight the shadow.) Omidi-shu (Even…

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MTG – Time to take the Dominaria Prerelease Kit Challenge for Magic: The Gathering

It’s Wednesday July 3rd. Let’s take the pre-release kit challenge. How does this game work? I have six sealed pre-release kits from Dominaria. Which is 36 booster packs of Magic the Gathering, the exact same amount as is in a booster box I’m gonna open all six of these pre-release kits and see how much…

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