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The Try Guys Try Extreme Korean Skincare Products

– The tickles have begun. – Woo. (laughing) Oh, it’s so gross. (water bubbling) – [Both] Yes, yes, yes. – What a bizarre sensation. – Why is it making me cry? – “The Try guys” are getting beautiful. Hello from social distancing. The video you’re about to watch was filmed many weeks ago, before the…

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Magic King – Dance of colors

oil color

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Cars 3D Model For Kids Magic Pictures! Amazing Optical Illusions and Tricks

Cars 3D Model For Kids Magic Pictures! Amazing Optical Illusions and Tricks

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Have you ever think of upgrading your eating experience to another level? Life has been hard enough, why not make things a little easier on yourself. We’ve got the perfect tips and hacks here just for you. It’s finally lunchtime, what are you having for lunch today? I’m having this tasty salad, seems like a…

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MAGIC MIRROR EXPERIMENT | മാന്ത്രിക കണ്ണാടി | M4 TECH |

Hello Friends, Welcome to M4 Tech. Today we’re going to make a big mirror. Not a normal mirror but a concave mirror. I’ll show you the usages of it later. We’ll take an old Dish and few mirror pieces to make this. Let’s see how it is made in workshop. So we’re gonna start our…

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The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

So I’m going to speak about a problem that I have and that’s that I’m a philosopher. (Laughter) When I go to a party and people ask me what do I do and I say, “I’m a professor,” their eyes glaze over. When I go to an academic cocktail party and there are all the…

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Bird in a cage Experiment / Bird in a cage science illusion (Thaumatrope animation)

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Can You Solve This Shadow Illusion?

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Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things By Car- EXPERIMENT CAR VS MAGIC BALLS

Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things By Car EXPERIMENT CAR VS MAGIC BALLS

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How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand)

You’ve probably seen “magic sand” at your local gift shop or magic store. Today, I’m going to show you how it’s made! The first thing we will need is a baking pan wrapped with tin foil so that we don’t damage it. Be sure to wrap it around the edges to completely protect it. The…

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